Keshi Ghat on the Yamuna site in Vrindavan

One of the most oustanding landmarks out of 5000 holy places of Vrindavan, Keshi Ghat is a picturesque holy site on the bank of the holy Yamuna River. Due to its importance Keshi Ghat is mentioned both in places to visit Vrindavan and Vrindvan temple list as well.

Keshi ghat in Vrindavan, India
Kesi Ghat of Vrindavan as seen from the distance

This lovely place is commemorating the glorious victory of Lord Krishna over the terrifying Keshi demon.

Unfortunately, the neglected state of this must-see place along with the deporable condition of the holy Yamuna reminds us of the dire need for a broad conceptual transformation of Vrindavan to preserve its cultural and historical heritage as one India’s greatest spiritual centers.

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History of Keshi Ghat

The building complex at Keshi Ghat, including the ancient Jugal Kishor temple were built in the 17th century after the Mughal ruler Akbar made his historic pilgrimage to Vrindavan.

Keshi ghat as part of History
Devottes at Keshi Ghat

Contructed of red sandstone with inlaid palaces, this architectual masterpiece, reflected in the holy Yamuna river, is a spectacular sight to behold while cruising on a river boat. Please go on reading for more details on Vrindavan history.

Krishna at Keshi Ghat

Kesi Ghat is named after the famous pastime of the young boy Krishna, in which he annihilated the demonic horse-monster Keshi. Legend has it that Krishna’s evil Uncle Kamsa sent the gigantic horse to trample young Krishna to death.

After easily dispatching the demon by grabbing his legs and hurling him away, Krishna was attacked again by Keshi rushing towards him with open mouth intent on devouring the small child.

Kesi Ghat place of Krishna's pastime

Krishna deftly thrust his fist into the demon’s mouth suffocating him and causing him to explode.

To wash off the filfth of the Keshi demon from his pure body, Krishna went into the Yamuna River to bathe.  

The Importance of Holy Rivers in India

As you travel throughout India, one of the most frequent and moving sights is the image of sadhus (holy men) men, women and children bathing at the ghats (bathing sites) of her holy rivers.

For millenia, Indians have had a special relationship with their sacred rivers, such as the Ganges, Sarasvati, Kauveri, Narmada, Godavari and Yamuna.

More than just a place to bathe the body, quench the thirst or seek refreshment from the oppressive heat, the river also serves as a spiritual source for purification of the soul, by washing away sinful activities. Rather than interring the deceased in the earth, Indians cremate their loved ones and deposit their ashes in the sacred rivers to liberate them from worldly bondage.  

Many westerners are alarmed to see people bathing in waters that are visibly polluted with raw sewage, industrial waste and plastic litter. Fortunately efforts have begun to clean up India’s holy rivers and sacred ghats.

Conclusion about Keshi Ghat

From a distance, on a boat floating down the Yamuna, Keshi Ghat offers a stunning panoramic view of immense beauty and grandeur.

Conversely, if you visit by foot you may be drawn to tears to witness the dilapidated structures suffering from years of neglect not to mention the deporably polluted state of the sacred Yamuna river.  

Keshi Ghat is must-see place in Vrindavan


In an attempt to clean up the holy rivers and restore dignity to Mother Earth who sustains all of her living beings with fresh water, efforts are being undertaken to stop the pollution of rivers like the Yamuna.  

VrindavanActNow! is one such organization that eagerly seeks your help in this worthy pursuit to clean up the Yamuna and the beautiful Keshi Ghat.  

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