Save Yamuna, the Holy River

We need you to save Yamuna river. The importance of rivers in the development of human civilization cannot be overstated. Hear the cry of the Yamuna river! Please make everything possible to save Yamuna!

Save Yamuna
Help us to save Yamuna river!

Many eco-systems cannot support life without the existence of a healthy watershed maintained by a vibrant river. However, beyond the material benefits that a healthy river provides to humans and other species, there is also a spiritual element associated with rivers, never more prominently exhibited than in the holy rivers of India.

The Yamuna is considered by Hindus to be one of the holiest rivers in the world. The goddess of the river, Yami, is the sister of the Yama, the Lord of death and the daughter of the Sun god Surya.

Many of the supreme Lord Krishna’s earthly pastimes are connected with this holy river, which is the main tributary of the legendary Mother Ganges. Unfortunately, today the holy Yamuna is horribly polluted with raw sewage, industrial chemical contamination, agricultural waste and tons of plastic garbage.

If ever there was a river that cried out for our help, the Yamuna’s desperate plea for compassion would be heard throughout the universe. Help us to Save Yamuna river!

Save Yamuna: Spiritual Significance of the Yamuna

Once you hear the cry of Yamuna river you will surely do anything possible to Save Yamuna.


To understand the significance of the Yamuna river we have to go back 5000 years in history. The birth of the most important personality in Hindu theology, Lord Krishna took place 5000 years ago around the Yamuna River. If you are interested in history you can find more details here on Vrindavan history.

In the Vedic scriptures, particularly the Vishnu Puranas, there are many accounts of Lord Krishna sporting with his cowherd playmates on the banks of the Yamuna in Vrindavan where as a young boy, Krishna annihilated several horrific demons such as the venomous serpent Kaliya and the horse monster Keshi.

The magnificent Keshi Ghat on the bank of the Yamuna in Vrindavan stands as a monument to the latter achievement. It was on the banks of the Yamuna that Krishna, his divine consort Radharani and the gopis, (cowherd maidens) relished in the supremely sweet pastimes of the Rasa dance 5000 years ago.

For several branches of Vaishnavism, meditation on these pastimes is one the most important spiritual practices of their faith. Imagine what a disgrace and humiliation it is for devotees of Krishna to see their most sacred site of worship desecrated by the most horrible pollution imaginable.

To remember Krishna’s different pastimes the saints have built 5000 temples in Vrindavan. Here you can find the description of the most important temples of Vrindavan: Vrindavan temple list.

Of course all Vrindavan area is signioficant for visitors. Please learn more about places to visit in Vrindavan.

Ecological Degradation of the Yamuna: please save Yamuna!

As the largest tributary in the world’s biggest river basin (Ganges River Basin), the Yamuna River supports life to a half-billion people living in northern India.


Besides being the main source of fresh natural water for human consumption, it provides nutrient-rich farming soil in its floodplains, and it provides an essential habitat to many fish, birds and turtles among countless aquatic species living in and around its waters.

Based on several alarming international studies, the Indian government has concluded that this vital river system which has had religious, political and ecological significance for thousands of years is nearly dead. Up to this point one can clearly understand that we have to join our efforts to save Yamuna river.
According to a recent report by National Public Radio of the USA,

“Delhi is about a third of the way down the 855-mile Yamuna River. Its source is the Yamunotri glacier, crystal-clear water from the Himalayas. But by the time it moves down the eastern edge of India’s capital, it exits as the dirtiest river in the country.”

Assuming that the Indian government will seriously take charge in restoring the Yamuna’s ecological integrity is not a very encouraging prospect.

India’s Skymet internet weather service made it clear 4 years ago:

“Cleaning the river Yamuna is the responsibility of the Government, which is legally bound by law to provide safe drinking water to its citizens. The courts have passed several judgments on the issue of providing clean drinking waters in towns/cities situated on the banks of River Yamuna but all this has proven to be a futile exercise as a dirty Yamuna is becoming dirtier with each passing day.“

Help to Save Yamuna River

Rather than expecting the government to solve this severe crisis alone, it is the moral, spiritual and civic responsibility of every individual to contribute efforts towards saving the sacred Yamuna from a horrible death.

There are several organizations that are working to raise awareness about this issue.
Of course if you visit Vrindavan, you can join our efforts of Vrindavan Act Now to save Yamuna. Why not engage in hands-on service to physically clean plastic and other garbage from holy sites on the river?

In performing this meaningful service, you will certainly experience personal gratification as well as spiritual benediction from sadhus (saintly persons) and divine mercy from Radha, Krishna and Mother Ganges.

4 thoughts on “Save Yamuna, the Holy River”

    1. Dear Amar Kumar Ji, thanks for your enthusiasm on protecting Mother Earth and all Holy Places of India. We are looking forward to hear from you soon. Your in service, harijan

  1. AUM
    I am so sad to see that our holy Yamuna is being polluted and degraded in such a mindless way by the very people who Mean to come to pay homage to our cultural heritage- it seems to me that everyone who visits has to respect the environment which is home to its many residents who have to live in with poor basic necessity of clean water.
    I think that we should ban the littering of plastics or provide necessary methods of collected waste appropriately and also provide relevant sanitation and educate responsibly by clear signage etc – as mentioned we all have to what we can and I am prepared to do whatever I able to do too- we must preserve our valuable environment for everyone’s benefit it has been given to us just as our bodies by the Supreme , and we should stop to think what happens to our bodies when we start to pollute and neglect it -This is what we are doing to our Holy River, which is there for us all ! We must act now.

    1. We absolutely agree. Please help us to save Yamuna river. Come to Vrindavan!

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