VIP guardians

Vrindavan Needs Real VIP Fighters for Protection!

Historically Vrindavan has been a place dominated by Muslim and English colonialism. Sri Krishna himself appeared here, but throughout history this has been almost forgotten and even Buddhism was the main influence in Mathura after the reign emperor Ashok. The glorious past was rediscovered only after Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Vallabhacarya and Swami Haridas, with the help of the Six Goswamis of Vrindavan appeared on the scene.

Kings from many places brought their citizens to take darshan of the deities and saints of Braj. Muslims destroyed the temples on numerous occasions including Sri Krishna´s birthplace in Mathura. Then independence came and the kings lost their influence, consequently their temples began to fall into gradual destruction.

So, today’s fame of Vrindavan and Braj Mandal is due to the sweet will of the Lord and due to such outstanding personalities like Lala Babu and Srila A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. But regrettably, after this a massive contamination of Braj Mandal began.

The agriculture of the past was turned into chemical pollution of land and groundwater.

The invasion of plastic waste which is accumulating all along the Braj roads and even in water bodies is gradually turning the water and land of Braj into poison. Little has been done about this. The government is in denial. Local district managers are changed all the time and get nothing done and nobody is accountable for the massive monies misused in the Yamuna action plans and other so called eco city plans.

But we do have a few outstanding people who are trying to make the difference. We call them VIPs (very important persons) because that is what they really are. But they are not many of them and they have no political power to really turn the tide.

Nobody can remove the pillars which are destroying Vrindavan’s main view, accumulating silt so that the poisonous water sits still and seeps into the groundwater. Nobody can even get a place for the disposal of the solid waste or for proper recycling.

It is amazing, temples are being built spending millions of dollars, but heaps of garbage are piling up in front of them and even on sacred hills like Varsana and Nandagram. Inside the temples are clean but outside they are a dump. There is no awareness that poisonous plastic that is being thrown out will return in the form of poisons water and food. And the plastic that being burnt will go up in the air a few meters and come down making people sick.

We pray for more VIPs to appear to help us save Vrindavan and Braj mandal. And we will glorify what are doing.

As a matter of fact, we would like to announce that any donor of Laksmi or service to Sri Vrindavan Dham will get royal recognition. The royal house of the Munger Bihar King tradition has initiated the Munger Raj Award for any service made for Braj and Mother Bharat.

Any charity receiving such donations may contact the Munger Raj Award office at the Munger Mandir and talk to Gopinath about it or the local secretary. Awards are given out once a year during the month of Kartik

So, either become recognized as a VIP or a donor in any of the three categories. But Act Now! It is your chance to be part of the major efforts to restore and protect the greatest world heritage site that exists. To promote this is the real purpose of our effort.

No NGO can do that job alone and in the end, only the government can make the essential changes. But the bureaucrats are inefficient and are not visionaries or spiritual enough to realize the severity of the situation.

The politicians seem only to care about their votes alone until now and have not contacted neither with scholars nor local or international experts on how to preserve a sanctuary of such dimension.