Why India Is Not Clean?

Since you are reading this article you obviously feel love towards India and its great culture. More than likely when you are walking in the streets of the cities of India or in the rural areas you see a lot of discarded rubbish. So you ask yourself why India is not clean?

Why India is not clean? do not litter!
You ask why India is not clean? Stop people littering!

You are not alone with this question about cleanliness in India. Some tourists say India smells badly and that our beloved sweet India is the dirtiest country. As they say they can’t understand why India is so dirty.

The worst way of getting rid of trash is burning plastic.  We must go deeper to find the best solution.

Why is India so polluted?

India has changed. The influence of the West is everywhere which brought with it a lot of hazardous material. For instance, oil, plastics and poisonous chemicals. Indians have been slow to realize the dangers of using these materials and are careless about disposal and the reuse of these materials.


All garbage is ending holy rivers. We should not allow that our rivers ar being poisoned. Just read this article about present situation of Yamuna river>> Save Yamuna

What are the reasons of pollution?

Cleanliness is important for personal care for all Indians. Can we say that it seems to be less important when it concerns the environment? People in India carelessly throw out trash and garbage instead of collecting them and carting them away.
There are companies to do this in the West paid by the District Government whose responsibility is collection and disposal of trash.
For this needs to be a cooperation between the state government and the local government. Ultimately the state government finances the trash removal from taxes they collect.

Can a spiritual background be a cause of pollution in India?

It was always important throughout the history of India that inner cleanliness go hand in hand with the environment. In ashrams the spiritual life is being practiced in such a high level. It would be strange to imagine that in an ashram they would not keep clean the premises and the outside area of the holy site. They emphasize the spiritual need of keeping all of India clean.

Can cultural habits answer why India is not clean?

Sometimes people bring up as excuse for being careless because their grandparents would throw their leave plates and one-use clay cups away. In course of short time this merges back in the nature.

Leave plates can be good solution to avoid littering.

This reasoning is completely illogical. Time has changed and we have to understand and make people aware of the environmental danger. In old days there were no plastic wrappers or Styrofoam items. These materials are extremely poisonous and may stay around for centuries.
As long as we really need to use plastic items we have to make sure that these are collected and taken to a place where they can be reused. As long as there is no such facility we have to have certain places where we can keep them safely.

It is everyone’s personal responsibility to keep India clean

We agree the responsibility of the state and the local governments, or big companies and enterprises to solve this problem but it’s not enough. We have to realize that there is a personal responsibility.

Don't ask why India is not clean. Do something and clean India!
Don’t ask why India is not clean. Do something against it! Both Mother Earth and you deserve clean India!

Every person should be made aware in educational facilities or at home of the importance of not littering. Also to be conscious enough to use less plastic in our daily life.
When we see trash anywhere we should not hesitate to take action. Do you think Gandhi Ji or Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhuapada would just simply step over it, especially while we are talking about holy places?

Conclusion: stop asking why India is not clean!

Do something instead of asking. You can become an activist, write an article or do what evre you can just do not complain.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” M.K. Gandhi

Containers and dustbins has to be placed at intervals over people can throw their rubbish. Also don’t hesitate to pick up a discarded plastic object and throw it in the container as you walk and simply wash your hands afterwards.
Braj Vrindavan Act Now! is doing that. You can join the efforts and then you will not hear the question: why India is not clean? At least this is our dream.



6 thoughts on “Why India Is Not Clean?”

  1. I am very concerned about the cleanliness and pollution in our country and I want to contribute whatever I can to change, please let me know if I can join this movement.

  2. I just recently thought about it. I was wondering why is that, because whenever I have to use the bathroom at the convenience store or gas station managed by Indian people, I notice it’s most often dirty. And it’s not my opinion, it’s fact that more people noticed, I’ve asked different people. And until just recently, it occurred to me that for so many years there was a cast system in India, and cleaning bathrooms was a responsibility of the lowest cast, so maybe that is the reason? So maybe cleaning bathrooms is something the people considering themselves a higher cast don’t do? I’m not sure, though, wish had some insights on this one. Thank you.

    1. we see that everything changes. Even the situation in bathrooms. Cleanliness in India is a big challenge. Lets work it out!

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