General Proposal of Vrindavan Act Now!

Throughout these master plans that exist, plenty of general proposals have been put forward. Detail proposals would be interesting if there is an actual effort on the way to improve certain situation. Because only then technical expert could dedicate for researching time into how to accomplish this. Any person who has any proposal for Vrindavan Act Now! to be presented here in this page is most welcome to draw out and will be presented in one special place called: “proposal from our sympathizer”.

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 The overall situation of water in Vrindavan needs to be given a lot of attention. Large amounts of salty water and filthy ground water are dripping deeper and deeper into the ground. Including all the dirty water coming down the Yamuna, which should not be considered real Yamuna water since there are places where waters mix. This is creating huge difficulties in the area. So, whatever water treatment is there supplied by the government tanks, that is only one area. But when we are talking about Braj Vrindavan we should think about the water for all the places even far away from Vrindavan city. In order to return more water supplies into the area, the water tanks and the tree plantation is very important. Otherwise, Vrindavan will turn into a desert in not very far time ahead.