The Indian government has a sacred duty to protect the treasure which belongs to the whole world. Lord Krishna and His teachings are of universal character and are widely accepted all around the world.

So, it is no acceptable the degree of negligence which Vrindavan is experiencing. Especially considering that Vrindavan Braj Mandal touch us upon Hariana, Butapruthej and Brajastam. It is kind of a corner place for all the three states who often do not get any attention. Therefore this requires the government actually establishing special protection zone for pilgrim place for well heritage, for historical side, for the need of a National Park of special significance. If the national government doesn’t take any action in this regard, the whole place will get lost.

The negligence coming from the Indian government is not welcome

Even sometimes there are sacred hills that are being demolished by routs making companies which were finally stopped by the efforts of Ramesh Baba who even risked his life to stop the illegal distraction of the hills together with Narayan.

Ramesh Baba
Ramesh Baba

So we can see that many interests coming from commercial sides are endangering Vrindavan. The pumping up of water from the ground of the big high-rises department buildings is totally unplanned. There is not enough water under the ground to supply so much water, and the dusty while drive and the salt increases in the water for everybody. So all this things have to be taken into consideration when any planning or any permission of any construction is given. When the trees are reduced, this is another danger and decreases the rain fall. So in all we are creating a disaster for one of the most beautiful place of all India.

The government should take all these things into consideration. This is our humble prayer.