Industries and traders of Vrindavan, Act Now!

First of all, the commerce with civic responsibility applied by the industries of Vrindavan is not appropriate. Even though many people became wealthy by the amount of tourists coming to Vrindavan, most of them don’t pay taxes. They became rich, yet do not act for the healing of the local environment, which is very sad. The interest in the environmental solutions is very low because not even the government is truly aware of the situation.

Industrial plastic garbage collecting
A rag picker searching for recyclable materials at the Indian shores. Pollution is very high.

So they say “why should we do anything if not even the government is interested?”. The big industries of Vrindavan are not so much inside Braj, but the production progress is. These industries and traders have social and civic responsibility to contra act the contamination by the packing material which comes with the products, or the contaminated waters. As a result, the effect of the production progress is direct towards the Braj region.

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Help us to keep Vrindavan clean and green! With your support, we will work to prevent natural disasters and incite an energy revolution; to protect and preserve our oceans and ancient forests; to keep genetically engineered ingredients out of our food and to create a peaceful and pollution-free future>> Get involved now!

The mother earth and the holy land of Braj Vrindavan is offended due to the production trash of the industries and traders of the area. The problem is relevant to the men’s, women’s, children’s and old people’s lives too because they get in touch with the inappropriate industrial wastes.

People's lives are offended by the environmental issues
Even the children are abused by the garbage disposal of the industries and traders in Vrindavan.

What is needed to be done for Vrindavan

We request all of the industries of Vrindavan and the traders to be intensively involved in sponsoring. The activities promoted by Braj Vrindavan Act Now! need financial support. You can be governmental force or NGO, or create your own group of activist. Participation in protection is the best way to invest in Vrindavan.

The best way to monitor and manage the local charities is personally coming here to see what is needed to be done. Some industries’ commerce have a good system that could be used and quite easily applied in the protection of the enviroment. Nonetheless, we need the governmental forces to be involved too. Sometimes in the name of fame or to get improvement we may find some changes in the environment. Most of all the changes might not be appropriate according to the traditions of how our landscape should be maintained.

Vrindavan needs your help. Act now!