Luxury hotels in Vrindavan 

Visiting Vrindavan is the goal of the majority of Hindus.   To make your stay as memorable and comfortable as possible we have listed the top  5 luxury hotels in Vrindavan.

Nidhivan Resort Portico

According to BVAN Nidhivan Resort Portico is the best luxury hotel in Vrindavan.  This wonderful luxurious hotel is located near the famous IsKCONon Vrindavan Temple, next to the Prem Mandir.  You can have the real Vrindavan experience within the comfortable beautiful surroundings in luxury resorts in Vrindavan.

Hotel Orchid - luxury hotel in Vrindavan

They offer the best of Indian and Vegetarian cuisine.  All rooms are air conditioned.  For special packages please visit the hotel website.

Hotel Hare Krishna Orchid

Hare Krishna Orchid is a luxury hotel with five star facilities in Vrindavan. It consists of beautiful  executive rooms  and Duplex Cottages, It focuses on healthy living  includes joggers tracks, Gym, Sauna, steam bath, indoor swimming pool & outdoor games area and a much more, rejuvenating both body and mind.

Hotel Hare Krishna Orchid - luxury hotels in Vrindavan

Your stay at Hare Krishna Orchid will culminate in a experience of unlimited joy and you will receive the blessings of Lord Krishna.

Vrindavan is the jewel of the Brijbhumi as the Lord Krishna left an amazing impression of his childhood days there.

The sacred Yamuna river highlights its charm by flowing with the philosophy of life as preached by the lord himself.

Stay in luxury hotel in Mathura Vrindavan and enjoy cozy comforts with spiritual life style.

For further information please visit the hotel website

Kridha Residency

Kridha Residency nearby the Prem Mandir, a popular destination among Hotels and Resorts at Vrindavan, has its own unique style, comfort and service.

Kridha Residency - hotel in Vrindavan

The amazing staff here takes very care of their guest and this hotel is very clean and green.  Book here and enjoy your trip.

To book your room please visit the hotel website


Nobody is excluded from Vrindavan, not even those that need comfort.  Krishna welcomes everyone to his blessed abode.

Braj Vrindavan Act now is serving all visitors and pilgrims by cleaning Vrindavan. We kindly ask all visitors not to leave their trash behind.  Do not litter Vraj.  You are most welcome to sponsor a garbage collector>> Get involved

We wish you a happy stay in Vrindavan whether you stay on the Yamuna river bank or in one of the luxury hotels in Vrindavan.



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