Master Plan

Many different master plans have been made for Vrindavan over the many years. We have tried to gather some of them for you to look at. The Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority (MVDA) had one master plan until 2024, unfortunately in this plan there was not any map, neither any detail of what could or should be done for Vrindavana.


A master plan was offered by the Braj-Vrindavan Heritage Alliance what was widely circulated to authorities, which can also be looked into. Then a Master Plan was done for the water situation by Laszlo Takacs from Hungary, yet another one was developed by Luc Stevens, a Belgian engineer, for certain areas of the Vrindavan improvement. There was a master plan made by the garbage disposal by a governmental agency which was not issued for the public.

There was an approach made for the Vrindavan Eco City, developed by the MIT Kapur. Later that plan was canceled because Vrindavan could not raise the amount of money which was requested from them to be part of the development expenses of Vrindavan Eco City Plan.

Participation of the Government experts of the master place making for Vrindavan has never taken place.