Political leaders Act Now!

Political leaders could be a hero! Just like Krishna did!

Political leaders as elected members in the area of Vraj, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh or Haryana should understand this problem. Without their help will be very difficult to improve anything unless we have a powerful central government decision. We should care, participate and invest efforts to restore the glory of vrindavan! With help of our political leaders shall create this environment to a spiritual home on the Earth. Vrindavan should be a spiritual home rather than an other industrial or commercial area.

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Get involved!

Help us to keep Vrindavan clean and green! With your support, we will work to prevent natural disasters and incite an energy revolution; to protect and preserve our oceans and ancient forests; to keep genetically engineered ingredients out of our food and to create a peaceful and pollution-free future>> Get involved now!

This is a place that should be looked due to its simplicity, originality and authenticity. Then we can actually make the change at the education system, schools, and everywhere with reinforcement of the law. Political leaders, for you have been giving this charging by the hands of the people that vote you. You are there to make a good job and now you will go against these elements which have created an unwanted element into the system. You are going to become the hero outstanding for Vrindavan. Just like Krishna were a hero to Vrindavan when he defeated all the deviations and re-established the justice and dharma.

Political leaders should take example from Krishna.
Taking care of theirs mob should be property of a political leader.

Political leaders help, Krishna shows his love and care

Now you can stand out in behalf of Krishna and stop the abuse and detrimental situation for the political situation. So, my dear political leaders, you have to act now! Pick up your telephone, ignore your plan, get connected with your groups or those who can do some solid changes! You have this power, even in the industrial or agro level, the state capital level! You have the chance, the power and duty.

We are asking you to do something for your own happy future too! This is our request to you, to your mother, wife, children, because you are all belong to divine members! Members who want to depend of the leaders which give an appropriate protection. So we can only ask, please, do your job and do it with love and care, and so Krishna will show to you his love and care.