The holy Braj-mandal area has been praised in many religious texts and devotional poetry describing its unparalleled selection and vibrancy of flora, fauna and river life. Because of the globalisation, a rapidly deteriorating environment is threatening not only the place’s holiness but also the health of humans and animals. Resolving this situation requires a great deal of private initiative, both in terms of global networking and in terms of on the ground restoration and preservation.

The holy temples need restoration too.
The holy temples need restoration too.

Problems caused by changes due to globalisation

Braj Mandal, and specially Vrindavan, are the home of thousands of temples and ashrams. It has been growing rapidly without adequate public infrastructure. The change from dry toilets to flushing toilets took place without proper sewage lines or wastewater treatment setup. Plastics inundated the area without recycling schemes, adequate public waste bins, reliable municipal waste management or even enough official landfill space. The damage caused by these situations has reached a crisis stage, creating true environmental emergencies in the town. These are only two items on a very long and ever growing list of critical issues.

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Braj Mandal needs action to create change. Most people who want to see Braj Mandal clean and better organized have no time. They want to do something but do not know how to become part of the solution. Please have a look on the current situation and Act Now! for Braj Mandal.