Reforestation of Vrindavan

Reforestation of Vrindavan is an urgent issue

The reforestation of Vrindavan is one of the urgent issues that require immediate attention. This can still be done across the Yamuna River. Unfortunately, when people circulate on the streets can see that there are little or no protection for old sacred trees of Vrindavan. The monkey population is large and small trees have a very hard time growing. Nearby it’s beauty we know that trees are good for the environment too. With destroying the forests they take not just the history of Vrindavan, they the home of many animals too. Is this really necessary?

Reforestation gives our soul beauty and home for animals.
Treeless area doesn’t save animals or doesn’t make us happy.

Vrindavan is a name of a forest. Its history leads us to forest. Is very important to give protection to this trees. In this sepcial case saving trees means saving Vrindavan. Reforestation means resuscitation of Vrindavan. We have mentioned earlier that with developing of Vrindavan we could lost its heritage, its beaty. Now there are just a few private forests left.

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Is the construction always useful?

Developers are pushing the owners from every direction trying to eliminate these last small properties. Construction of new buildings in Vrindavan means destroying its history. There needs to be urban development restrictions in order to save the remaining trees. Reforestation is needed wherever it’s possible.

The fact of reforestation should be teached in schools.
Everyone should take an example of her.

Originally there was a green area around Vrindavan, going from Raman Reti to Catikara Road. This area has been totally abandoned unfortunately and now is one of the biggest development areas in the zone. The original forest areas should be preserved by the government on the other side of the Yamuna. It’s hard to imagine that no one cares about reforestation. Readoption of Vrindavans original beauty could be a good business too. There would be a lot of happy people for saving theirs home.