The team of volunteers from Braj Vrindavan Act Now! have gone to great lengths, simply inspired to serve Vrindavan and its inhabitants in any way possible. They are principally young enthusiasts from South America who, under the guidance and following the example of Srila B. A. Paramadvaiti Swami, have managed several projects and campaigns for the betterment of Sri Vrindavan. In this way our volunteering team have developed joint efforts with the municipality and other important organizations of the city such as A Helping Hand for Vrindavan, Food for life Vrindavan, Akshaya Patra, CDH International, Brij Vikas Trust, Braj Foundation, Braj Vrindavan Heritage Alliance and Friends of Vrindavan, among others.

Cleaning the Yamuna river
Every day is a good day for volunteering.

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Help us to keep Vrindavan clean and green! With your support, we will work to prevent natural disasters and incite an energy revolution; to protect and preserve our oceans and ancient forests; to keep genetically engineered ingredients out of our food and to create a peaceful and pollution-free future>> Get involved now!

What the team does

These guys and girls feel great commitment to the sacred city where Sri Krishna made His appearance 5000 years ago. For this reason the team participates in different activities related to the loving service of Sri Vrindavan Dham such as: garbage collection, supervision of the cleaning in areas that have been assigned to their care, environmental education for children and young people of the area, presentation of theater performances with the goal of educating the town, maintenance of websites that spread the message of the importance of the preservation of Vrindavan, among others.