Traffic management proposal

Many things can be said about traffic management and about the proposals that have been already included in the different master plans.

The key issue is unless someone has an urgent matter they should not be allowed to enter the city in a car. Tourist cars should not be allowed to enter the city at all. Delivery cars should be allowed to enter only at night time so they do not disturb the general circulation. Considering that Vrindavan is a medieval town which has wonderful buildings, has to be protected. Such measures can be taken in any part of the world where there are medieval towns with narrow streets.

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Vrindavan needs a better traffic management proposal

The government has to be very cautious about this issue so the traffic does not go in too far. There is great need for traffic management to create a sign system. There is a need rto avoid people speeding in cars and putting people’s lives in danger. Every year during the parikaramas, people lose their lives due to careless drivers and maybe even due to drunk drivers. Because of this, strict control measures need to be implemented.

Traffic jams are common on the streets of India. Urgent need for traffic management!
Traffic jams are common on the streets of India. There is a need for a better management.

If the government is not ready to protect the pilgrimage areas it will be considered an absolute negligence on their behalf. People come to holy places to take a holy walk. They should not have to risk getting run over by a motor bike, municipal tractor, or any other type of vehicle. This simply cannot be acceptable and the government must take action.