What we do: give helping-hand

To give helping-hand, in love of Lord Krishna

Our team wants to be part of the solution as much as we can! We try to give helping-hand with mobilizing every person who have sympathy for the cause of shri vraj Vrindavan. Also we try to give technical research require to be looked in. Distributing the master plans to people who have take care about this area used to be a good solution too.

Disaster situations are creating further difficulties for the Dham, or for the beauty of the Dham. Fighting against them sometimes seem to be endless. Also we are here to recover this all over the vraj mandal.

To give a helping hand means to us a spiritual way of helping too.
Everything is easier in teamwork.

Spirituality is also important for us so we give helping-hand in challenging these sentiments of those who love Lord Krishna.  Challenging happens with motivating everyone to be part of the action of Vrindavan Act Now! Motivating to take part of a good community available to be a special example for others. We cleaning ourselfs when we are at the holy Dham and keep trying to live in this purity.

To give a helping hand in cleaning

If we have the opportunity we try involving big industrialists or business people to participate in making clean and beauty Vrindavan. Involving others to our programs also means motivation for taking part of our project in Sri Vrindavan Dham. Nearby making clean and taking care of the sipirituality belongs in our missions to give helping-hand to citizens in different duties.  Purifying the existing water bodies like in Tadiyastan is one of the most important tasks of ours. This water probably is one of the worst spots due to negligence, partly responsible for contaminating the groundwater of Sri Vrindavan Dham.

Being helpful at the garbage collection is ordinary, special on the river side of the Yamuna. Keeping it clean is difficult because at night careless people drop garbage in many shared locations. This way causing discouragement in the heart of volunteers from different countries who just collected the garbage a day before.

Even a dog could give us helping-hand with his play.
We need everyone’s help.

We try to encourage the Vraj Vrindavan Heritage Alliance to take part of these and join the work for Vrindavan. These encouragements are against the constant challenges from different unexpected sides. Hanging ecological banners is ordinary at schold and public places in order to visitors and the Dhamvasis could be more aware of what they are doing at the holy Dham.

Hy! On the link below you can be part of our project or help us!

Get involved!

Help us to keep Vrindavan clean and green! With your support, we will work to prevent natural disasters and incite an energy revolution; to protect and preserve our oceans and ancient forests; to keep genetically engineered ingredients out of our food and to create a peaceful and pollution-free future>> Get involved now!

Taking care of education for being more aware

We give helping-hand at intellectual side where taking drama presentations on the Parikrama road, schools and other places bring awareness towards the state of Yamuna and Vrindavan. To this point belongs publishing with posters and lifts to increase the awareness about the holy place. There is a way of encouragement for the local brahmins to be more careful how they are dealing with the visiting pilgrims and request education programs for these.

There are a lot of child. We always need someone to give helping-hand.
We have such a curious audiences at drama presentation.

About the glorious activities in Vrindavan we make publishments in order to give some encouragement for those whose are giving a helping hand to Vrindavan. Publishing is not just an encouragement, it is a motivation too for everyone to take part of it.

Munger raj. Motivation or pleasure?

We give the munger raj award to different degrees of doner and helpers of the situation in Vrindavan. The munger raj award was started by Raghunandan Prasad when he built the Mungeer Mandir – he being the king of Munger – on the Mathura Road. His family still takes care nicelly of this holy sanctuary.  Many people in this world really concern for recognition of some royal sight for the efforts.  The munger raj can be given to anyone who is helping to the Dham. Not for just phyisical persons, it could be an organization or a nonprofit.

We don’t care about boundaries of the language

In most of our vrinda missions devotees do not speak good english, hindi or bengali. We have a huge language barrier in being more involved on many more fields. But in giving helping-hand this kind of barrier can’t stop us. Working in the team of brahma kund and organizing cultural programs at this holy place are our desire. Indian brothers and sisters are happy for these programs or services and they give positive feedback to us for doing a lot more for Vrindavan.

What we are doing isn’t enough for the great glory of Vrindavan. Since we have been saved from the formally materialistic lifestyle by the grace of Srimad Bhagavad Gita we are so deeply in debt with the marvellous Indian tradition. We are also in community with the supreme master Lord Sri Krishna and his loving female conterpartners like Srimati Radharani.

We consider Vrindavan Act Now! as nothing but the humble of little attempt. Attemption to repay a little bit of the eternal debt for being cured by meeting an ambassador of divine love, who touched our heart.